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RACC Advanced Driving School Barcelona

The thought behind the RACC Advanced Driving School is very simple: Do we know how to react when we are faced with extreme situations while driving? The aim of this school is to teach drivers all techniques needed to master the vehicle in any situation and on any surface. The school organises customised courses, with different lengths, specially aimed at companies and individuals. The premise is: the driver must master the vehicle and not the other way around. And, what is most important: Knowing the risks and the way to steer clear of them is the key to avoid many accidents.

Experienced teaching staff
The RACC Advanced Driving School has an experienced staff of professional instructors with a clear pedagogical guidance aimed at improving the driver in all aspects, thus reducing his/her risk of having an accident.

The aim is clear: "Preventing risks". It is not about what we should do when the car is skidding but how to avoid the car from skidding at all. It is not about finding out why the car crashed, but to avoid the crash.

Tailored courses

The School has a 700-m long sliding track and a lecture room for theory classes. The exercises are carried out with touring cars such as Renault Mégane or Clio and BMW 325i.
There are three course levels aimed at perfecting and improving the attitude at the wheel.  The differences between braking with or without ABS, skidding, rear-wheel and front-wheel drive, etc. are some of the secrets that can be discovered during the “Advanced Driving 1” course. This course is carried out on two days, either on working days or over the weekend.

A third day is added for the "Advanced Driving 2" course, implying a second level in which the essential exercises of "Advanced Driving 1" are repeated, to introduce more complex and demanding exercises. The third level course is called "Special Course" which has a more practical character and is carried out on the pupils' own car.

If you wish further information, please contact:

Escola RACC Conducció Segura Barcelona
Tel.+ 34 93 571 97 27
Fax +34 93 571 97 64

RACC Formula Renault School

Located within the facilities of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, the RACC Formula Renault School organises special days for all those who wish to enjoy the feeling of being “race driver for one day”.

The school offers two different course formats on the School Layout of the circuit (1,703m). The first level is the Formula Renault Rookie driving course, a 2.5-hour session that serves as a first contact with the single-seaters. In this course format, participants have a theory class and two 10-minute sessions at the wheel of a Formula Renault.

The second format is a one-day course, from 09.00 a.m. to 05.30 p.m. including four 10-minute sessions.

The one-day courses of the RACC Formula School at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya are aimed at all those companies that wish to offer their employees, sales staff, customers, distributors, etc. a very stimulating activity or a team incentive. Large groups may combine activities with single-seaters and touring cars throughout the day.


The RACC Formula Renault School has first-class staff and technical resources at your disposal:

  • The best professionals ready to share with participants all driving techniques and secrets.
  • 9 Formula Renault 1800 single-seaters prepared and checked by a team of specialised mechanics.
  • We provide the complete safety equipment to guarantee risk-free driving, as well as the respective outfit: driver overall, gloves, shoes and helmet. Participants should bring a shirt and cotton socks. They may also bring their own equipment if they wish.

Any person able to drive a vehicle with gear changes can drive a formula car during the sessions organised by the School. The only limitations for participants are:


Maximum weight: 100 kg. Maximum height: 2 m. Maximum shoe size: . 46

Participants will have to sign a commitment sheet for the use of the RACC School vehicles.

If you wish further information, please contact:
Escola RACC - Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya de Fórmula Renault
Tel. 34 93 571 97 27
Fax 34 93 571 97 64