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For all those companies looking for a different and privileged experience. Hospitality space located in the first floor of the Main Grandstand. Our Suites offer a direct view of the main straight. Moreover, their privileged location allows not only enjoying the best moments of the race, such as the starting grid, the pit stops and the podium ceremony, but also the special atmosphere of our main shopping area, where you can find official products from teams, drivers and riders. They also include a numbered seat on the main grandstand to enjoy the race both indoors and outdoors.



» 51m2 surface (capacity of 30 or 60 people)
» TV screens with live broadcast of the race
» 2 permanent passes per season
» 2 staff passes
» 30 passes per day with access to a numbered seat on the Main Grandstand
» 10 car parking spaces per day in the IN6 Car Park for the Grands Prix
» Catering service for Saturday and Sunday during the Grands Prix
» Furniture during the Grands Prix

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Tel. 93 571 97 06

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