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Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya: multifunctional space

Beyond the motor sport show, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is a multifunctional space intended to adapt to the needs of small or large companies. The facilities are prepared to organise any kind of event, from presentations and press conferences to congresses and conventions, with the added value of holding them in a unique surrounding that is associated with competition at the highest level. We would like to show you a new way to carry out company activities that will provide you with a larger advertising impact and open the doors to new business opportunities.


Enjoy an open air space in front of the matchless frame of the Circuit track. More than 40,000 m2 fitted with all services you may need to hold an event.

Off road circuit:

Experience new feelings on our gravel track. An open air space combining motor sport and
freedom, where you will be able to carry out all kinds of activities with four-wheel drive

Pit garages:

Let your team work with the precision of a motor racing team. The par-excellence spaces of top level competition are at your disposal for any activity you may wish to carry out.

Media Center:

1,230 m2 fitted with all amenities and services to turn your event into a big success:

1-Sala de briefing
Esta sala, situada en el edificio de boxes del paddock, donde se realizan las ruedas de prensa con los pilotos ganadores después de cada carrera, tiene una superficie de 165m2 y dispone de un equipo de audio y vídeo. Un espacio emblemático en todo circuito profesional.

2- Sala de prensa
Esta sala es el punto de encuentro de los periodistas durante la celebración de los grandes premios y las carreras. Con un aforo aproximado de 450 plazas equipadas cada una con una conexión ADSL individual, cuenta también con 152 monitores de 32", 200 consignas y 5 líneas telefónicas.

Privilege Area

Located at the end of the main straight, the building of the Pelouse Privilege area has a surface  of 435m2. It is an open space intended for different uses, such as meetings, presentations and even as lecture rooms. Its highlight is the large outdoor terrace that offers a superb view of the circuit.

VIP Spaces:

If you want to enjoy the luxury and exclusiveness of the world of motor sport in a private atmosphere, the Circuit offers you the chance to let a VIP space. You may choose between the VIP Lounge, the Pisos Box, the Platinum Suites or the Gold Suites. Make the difference in your meetings and events.

1- Sala VIP (torre de control)
Located on the third floor of the control tower, this room has a surface of 225 m2 and a capacity of 75 people. Enjoy a unique space with luxury views.

2- Pis Box
Located right on top of the pit garages, this space has a capacity of 60 people and and approx. surface of 90m2, including a 12m2 terrace.

3- Suites Platinum
Located on the highest area of the Main Grandstand, these Suites offer impressive
panorama views of the Circuit. With a surface of 42m2 and a capacity of 23 people, you will be able to enjoy all amenities and the highest comfort: plasma screens, air conditioning, light panels, carpeted floor and panorama windows among others.

Furthermore, for engagements drawing larger attendance, we have the Corporate Suite with a capacity of 200 people.

4- Suites Gold
18 suites located in front of the pit lane, the pit garages and the main straight. There are two types of suites, one with a surface of 51m2 and a capacity of 30 people and another with a surface of 88m2 and a capacity of 60 people. Each of the suites is fitted with: plasma screens, air conditioning, light panels, carpeted floor and panorama windows among others.

Paddock Restaurant:

The Circuit’s catering service is ready to take on engagements of the highest level. Our restaurant has a capacity of 250 people and has a wide gastronomic offer that we can adapt to your needs.

Complimentary Services:

    Letting a space is being part of the exclusive world of motor sport. It implies accessing the largest promotion showcase for your company. It means giving a differentiated image and opening the door to new business opportunities. Therefore, we offer you a series of services to let you enjoy your stay at the Circuit with the highest comfort:

  • 2 heliports with a capacity of up to 300 landings per day.
  • Top level catering with the best gastronomic selection.

You are one of our most special customers and we want to offer you everything you need.

For further  information, you can contact
Phone: +34 93 5719706

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