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Track advertising
Make use of the largest advertising support for your brand: 80 linear meters on the main straight, 40 metres of barrier and several bends to advertise. You may also paint the floor of the run-off areas. A luxury showcase at the service of your brand.

The layout of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has 16 bends. Naming one of the bends, your brand will be mentioned repeatedly during the broadcasting and it will become a reference for spectators, drivers and riders throughout the race.



There are 7 bridges in our facilities, 5 of which are used exclusively for advertising purposes.  Each bridge measures 18m in length x 1,3m in height and offers optimal visibility, turning them into one of the most recommendable spaces to advertise your brand.



Paddock Towers
Five towers located on the paddock. This eye-catching place is visible from the whole paddock, the pit terrace, the Pisos Box grandstand and during TV broadcasts.

Race sponsorship
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya also offers the option to be the exclusive sponsor of local, national and international races.
As the exclusive sponsor, your brand will play one of the leading roles of the competition, counting on the following supports:
- Advertising on the competition number of the vehicles
- Advertising on the podium
- Advertising on the main straight
- Name of the race: associating the name of your brand to the name of the race.
- And other elements such as: microsite, own TV channel, etc.


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