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Green Meeting Point

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya created the "Green Meeting Point", an initiative with which it intends to become a benchmark facility in terms of sustainable mobility and that is also aimed to serve as a venue to carry out different actions dealing with the minimization of the environmental and territorial impact derived from mobility. Thanks to this project, the Circuit was awarded in 2012 by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) with the “2012 FIM Environment Award”.

The aim of this initiative is to raise the awareness among the circuit's staff, spectators, suppliers and customers, and to inform them, promoting sustainable mobility through different actions, such as awareness raising campaigns for spectators coming to the Circuit, hosting environment-friendly races, conferences and exhibitions about electric vehicles and alternatives, tours, demonstrations, etc.

The "Green Meeting Point" is turning Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya into a benchmark facility that is committed to sustainable mobility and to reducing the environmental impact. The Circuit is thus becoming a hub in the promotion of environmental sensitiveness, a process which started back in 2008, with the certification according to the ISO 14001-2004 standard, which is being strengthened year after year.

These activities allow interacting with different users who contribute with new ideas, express their opinions and create synergies between the different communities involved. It is also an opportunity to move forward in terms of sustainable mobility and to promote a culture of environment-friendliness which has to take root among the youngest generations.


Actions of the Green Meeting Point:
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has hosted different activities related to sustainable mobility in recent years, all of which were carried out within the framework of the Green Meeting Point project. Some examples:

- Electric Route: 40km-long route starting in the Barcelona city centre and arriving at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, with the participation of all types of electric cars and motorcycles.

- ECOseries: first European Championship on permanent racetracks based on ecodriving, energy efficiency and alternative energies. The ECOseries include two modalities: ECOseries Efficiency, giving priority to the compromise between performance and consumption, and ECOseries Regularity, looking for consistency with a limited consumption, including a special class for electric vehicles. The Circuit has been host to one of the ECOseries races of the year for many seasons.

- E-Jornadas (E-Days): programme of conferences and workshops with the aim of establishing the future of the electric vehicle and finding solutions for the current problems. Among the topics dealt with during these days are the introduction of the electric vehicle in Catalonia and the consequent implementation of recharging points in public car parks, alternatives in sustainable mobility, as well as energy-saving and efficiency technologies for vehicles, among many others. An exhibition of electric vehicles was set-up on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya paddock, and the vehicles were tested later on the track. More than 400 experts in sustainable mobility gathered at the Circuit during those days.

- Formula Student: competition among 700 engineering students of the best European universities to build the best single-seater, including a category for electric vehicles.

- Bicircuit: twice a week throughout the year, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya racetrack is opened to let bicycling fans, both professional and amateurs, enjoy some laps around the track.

- Dissemination and awareness raising to share the car when travelling to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and to promote the use of public transport.

- "Green Meeting Point" Tent in the Commercial area of the Circuit during the Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya de MotoGP 2013 and in the paddock during the Spirit of Montjuïc 2014 with experts in environmental topics disseminating the activities carried out by Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with regard to the environment, with graphic and audiovisual material in order to raise the awareness of fans.

- "Stop Food Waste": action to raise the awareness of fans through the more than 90 catering points managed by the company Aramark in order to make them act and reduce the volume of wasted food, and consequently the environmental impact of its production. The slogan used was “Stop Food Waste”, with boards set up in the different catering points located within the Circuit facilities during the Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya de MotoGP.

- KISS Barcelona: on 2014, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has joined the KISS Barcelona (Keep it Shiny & Sustainable) environmental initiative as part of the KISS project promoted by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) in keeping with its environmental management policy. The aim of the project is to raise awareness among all parties involved in the world of motorcycling and reduce the environmental impact of sports events though appropriate environmental management with, as the main focus, the management of waste produced by the public and the organisation.